The Halfway House Inn - Cycle Path Update
The Halfway House Inn - Grenofen Tavistock
Cycle Path Update
The now legendary section of the Route 27 at The Halfway House Inn at Grenofen was started on 7th June 2010, right at the start of our busiest period, thereby killing off our trade for several weeks. The proposed start date in November last year, then April this year went by the board as they hadn't even sent out the tenders. Great planning by our wonderful Council.
Originally scheduled to 2 weeks, then 3, it was 'finished' after the 9th week and it has now evidently been completed. The dry stone wall protecting the walking cyclists from the car park has collapsed twice already, and the rain water drains are in places above the points where water collects. The water has been diverted off the main road into the porch area causing damage, so we will see what Devon County Council have to say about repairs (please don't send the same lot to do it !!!)
Devon County Council once again probably chose the cheapest tender, and it shows. The fence has more ups and downs than a ride at Alton Towers and the gates the workers built don't open properly as the hinges are wrongly located.
At the moment the Grenofen part of the cycle route stretches a whopping 42 metres alongside the pub. Along this stretch, as users will be passing through the grounds of The Halfway House Inn, it is a stipulation that cyclists dismount and push their bikes. We hope that people will adhere to this request
Update June 2011
A year after Devon County Council caused such disruption to my business when constructing the Halfway House cycle path, we have found out that after spending in the region of £25,000 on it, Graham Cornish who leads the project has decided not to purchase the field behind the pub, thereby making the path at the Halfway House a complete waste of time and your money. It also means that the residents of Grenofen will not be able to safely join the cycle path, having to run the gauntlet of crossing the busy A386 or risking life and limb along the back road to Whitchurch. It also means that the Halfway House Inn will not be safely accessible to the people of Tavistock who wanted to walk up here.
Mr Cornish has said that if he receives enough demand from the people of Grenofen and potential users of the cycle path to complete the link to Grenofen, he will look into the purchase of the field. Having a financial interest at stake in this matter, and the fact that Devon County Council have gone back on their word, I will be involving Geoffrey Cox MP in this matter. I would also appreciate any potential customers and users of the cycle path to e-mail me their support. I will be commencing a campaign to get the last link for Grenofen completed, and your support would be extremely welcome.